Pointer Instruments Pvt. Ltd.  
High Pressure Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge
"POINTER" High pressure Glycerin filled gauges are Specially for High Pressure Application &Testing of High Pressure Devices. It is Mfg. & Calibrate under Delectated (Imported) High Pressure System. It means Performance of the gauge enhance the reliable and integrated for long periods under extreme operating condition.
Dial Size : 100mm, 150mm & 250mm
Accuracy : ± 1.6% of full scale
Case & Bezel (IP-65) : SS 304, Snap Action Bayonet type
Movement : SS 304
Pressure Element : SS 316
Socket : SS 304 / SS 316
Dial : Aluminum white painted with
270 degree black scale markins
Pointer : Al. / Brass with black finish
Window : Acrylic / Safety glass
Blow Out Protection : On top at 0.6 Kg/cm2
Over Load Protection : 115% of f.s.d.
Joints : Argon arc welded
Mounting : Stem (Bottom), Surface, Panel Mounting,
Flush Panel ( Bracket Type)
Connection : 3/8" / 1/2" BSP / NPT
Scale Range : Pressure up to 15000 PSI to 80000 PSI
SP : All SS Models with Heavy Duty Parts.
Specially in High Pressure Application. Hydraulic Pressure, Hydralic Power Packs,High Pressure Pumps, Testing of High Pressure Devices.