Pointer Instruments Pvt. Ltd.  
“POINTER” diaphragm sealed pressure gauge are suitable for corrosive, contaminated, highly viscous, crystallizing, slurry or hot pressure media.
Dial Size : 63mm, 100mm, 150mm, 250mm
Accuracy : ±1% of full scale
Case & Bezel (IP-65) : SS 304 Snap Action Bayonet type / Crimp type
Movement : SS 304
Pressure Element : SS 316 ( ≤ 70 bar ‘C’ Type / > 70 bar Coil Type )
Socket : SS 316
Dial : Aluminum white painted with 270 degree black scale marking
Pointer : Al. / Brass, Zero adjustment / Micro Zero Adjustment Pointer
Window : Acrylic / Toughened / Safety glass
Blow Out Protection : On Top / On back side at 0.6 Kg/cm2
Over Load Protection : 125% of f.s.d. for ≤ 150 Kg/cm2
115% of f.s.d. for > 150 Kg/cm2
Joints : Argon arc welded
Mounting : Stem (Bottom), Surface, Panel Mounting,
Surface with capillary extension
Scale Range : Vacuum, Compound & Pressure up to 420 kg/cm2
Sealed Unit    
Upper Chamber Material : SS 304
Diaphragm Material : SS 316L / MONEL / HASTALLOY – C / TANTALUM or any other material. Teflon Coating can be provided if required
Lower Chamber : SS 304 / SS 316 / MONEL or any other material
(Threaded / Flange type)
Filling Fluid : Silicon Oil or suitable liquid as desired by the user.
Pointer Instruments Different type of seals & connection available like
Pointer Instruments Different threaded type, Open Flange Type, Flush welded diaphragm type
Pointer Instruments Sandwitch flange (cell) type, Extended welded diaphragm type, Capillary extension type.
Pointer Instruments SMS & TC Connection for food, Biochemical & pharmaceutical industries.
Pointer Instruments Homogenizer flange ( Round or Square) Type.
Pointer Instruments Special Connection for Pulp & Paper Industries.
Pointer Instruments Eco Model available on request.
Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing industries, in water & sewage treatment plants and in electric power plant etc…